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SV-MP720B1 - MINI Projector MP720B1
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  Simply Amazing Product!
Armando - Santa Clara   (2011-10-03 07:38:54)

I used this for a DJ gig and everyone loves having a video of MTVs and a presentation of the event. The 720p LED gives a great resolution to the images. I love this projector! Keep it up Sival!

  A M A Z I N G
Miguel Arce - Mérida Yucatán México   (2011-09-02 19:52:38)

i got TWO of this babies, and.. there are now words. I sold one of them and it pains me having done so.

  best of
david bennar - slovakia   (2011-03-31 03:18:26)

iam very happy with the projector, using it half a year for watching tv and from computer, gaming is also superb, build quality seems so far excelent. i think best led hd projector for budget!

  Great LED 720p HD projector!
Wouter - Netherlands   (2011-02-17 13:08:50)

If you want a home theater on a budget, this projector is great. Almost no noise, lamp is cool immediately. The contrast ratio is low, but the high resolution and some tweaking with the setting sgive a great result of a very big projector screen, both with dvd and blu ray.
iSival Instruments is the place to get this awesome projector.

Nik - NY   (2010-10-23 06:03:19)

I`ve had this projector for about 6 months now. I use it in a simulator I built for myself (so, PC Games) as well as the occasional bout of 360 games.

Basically, I love this thing, though it isn`t perfect:

The contrast is bad, no way around that. It just kinda sucks. It`s taken me forever to learn how to adjust the picture settings to get an acceptable image out of thing, but it is possible. No you`re not going to get the same kind of contrast ratio you get out of other displays, but its a projector, what can you do?

The focus ring is a pain to adjust, a little finnicky, and feels a little cheap.

Other than that, however, it`s an LED projector, HD, for $500, that`s the size of a small book. I use this every day.

Zsolt - hungary   (2010-06-10 10:10:44)

Hi !
I buy this projector and im very happy i have a real nativ 720p LED mini projector in 2010 !!!
The problame just the very low contrast 200:1 !!!
Its very low and bad !
If you make better contrast in the future im sure more people buy, becouse this is the second problame all projector in the market.
Sorry for my english !

thank you iSival !

  good for family entertainment
Doctor - Shanghai   (2009-10-30 15:14:17)

very impressive, a HD one in that size and that performance!

  MINI Projector B series
Manny - Santa Clara   (2009-10-10 09:11:24)

Very light and compact. Very handy for my travels.

  Very help to sales presentation
Richard - Fremont   (2009-10-10 08:41:12)

It is very convenience for me to bring it to see my customer and make presentation before them.

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